Respected Members,

Please find attached GAABESU Election Notice and Nomination Form as received from the GAABESU  Election Commission 2017-19.

As directed by the GAABESU Election Commission this is being circulated to GAABESU Life Members and being uploaded in the GAABESU Website.

As intimated by the Election Commission, the Membership list is available in GAABESU Website. Click here to view Membership List.


GAABESU-EC Election Notice 2017-19-Final

GAABESU EC Election 2017-19 – Nomination Form-R

With regards,


July 25, 2017

Dear Members,

Attached please find the list of valid nominations for Election of members of the Executive Committee of GAABESU for the term 2017-19.


Last date of withdrawal of nominations as already notified is 31.07.2017 at 6.00 pm.



  1. Total of 62 (Sixty Two) Nominations received.
  2. 2 (Two) Nominations disqualified because of mismatch of membership number.
  3. Valid Nomination 60 (Sixty) nos., 11 (Eleven) from abroad and 12 (Twelve) from within India, balance 37 (Thirty Seven) nos. from commutable distance.


Amitabha Ghoshal

Chairman, Election Commission, Election to EC, GAABESU, 2017-19

Global Alumni Association of Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur


July 31, 2017

Dear Members, 
Attached please find a notice by the Chairman Election Commission requesting brief biography of the candidates by 04 August 2017.
The Notice is also seen in the GAABESU Website.  The link is given below: 
S P Datta
Member Election Commission, 2017-2019

August 1, 2017

Dear Members,

Attached please find the list of contestants, after final withdrawal, for election of Executive Committee of GAABESU for the term 2017-2019 and guidelines for voting. 

Thanks and regards,

S P Datta

Member, Election Commission 2017-2019




01 August 2017

  1. Ballot papers with exclusive serial nos. will be sent to all the members who have their e-mail id registered with GAABESU. For members who are not having any e-mail address, as per record with GAABESU, ballot papers will be sent by Speed Post/ Courier.
  2. Election Commission shall not be responsible for bouncing of any e-mail.
  3. Ballots shall have Name and Batch information of the Contesting Candidates. Voters shall put ‘X’ mark in the specified box on right side of the name of Candidate of their choice.
  4. Total number of candidates to be elected is 27 (twenty seven). If there are more than 27 (twenty seven) ‘X’ mark in any ballot, the entire ballot shall be rejected.
  5. Voting will start from 07 August 2017 and shall continue till 06:00PM on 18 August 2017. Ballots received after the last date and time will be rejected.
  6. Voters having registered e-mail id shall send scan copy his ballot from his registered e-mail id to e-mail id of Election Commission (moc.liamgnull@71noitceleusebaag).
  7. Voters who will send ballot by post shall send their ballots by post/ courier so as to reach GAABESU office within the time specified. Ballot shall be put in a sealed envelope which shall have no indication about the sender. Sealed envelope containing ballot shall be put inside an outer envelope. Both the envelopes will be provided by the Election Commission.
  8. In case hand delivery of ballot, sealed ballot shall be put in the ballot box, within working hours of GAABESU Office from 11:00AM to 06:00PM on week days, to be kept in GAABESU Office.
  9. Since Election process is ongoing, all are expected to maintain ethics and code of conduct to ensure free and fair election.
  10. Present Executive Committee shall not take and decision/ action, other than routine matters, so that neutrality is maintained.
  11. GAABESU staff being engaged to provide secretarial support to the Election Commission, it is expected that no one shall influence or instruct them otherwise, expect for routine matters of GAABESU functioning.      

Sd/- Amitabha Ghoshal
Chairman, Election Commission
On behalf of the Election Commission


August 2, 2017

Dear Members,

Bhaskar Dasgupta, Electrical – 1981, withdrew his nomination on 30 July 2017 i.e. within the time limit for withdrawal. His letter for withdrawal went to spam box of e-mail address of the Election Commission. Spam mails were not checked before compiling the final list of the contesting candidates. We are sorry for that.

Attached please find the revised list excluding the name of Bhaskar Dasgupta. Now the total number of Contesting Candidates stands at 49 (forty nine).

Name of Bhaskar Dasgupta will not be there in the ballot.

Thanks and regards,

Syama Prasad Datta

Member, Election Commission   

August 3, 2017

Dear All GAABESU Members,

Since election process is ongoing we appeal to all members to maintain a spirit of friendship, brotherhood and bondage as per unique tradition of our Alma Mater. 

Any member has his/her right to choose the candidate/s and request others. Please do not criticise others, GAABESU, any GAABESU Committee, IIEST to influence others for the purpose of campaigning. 

Please do not use GAABESU or Election Commission mail for campaigning. We hope all will follow the basic code of ethics for free and fair election.

Thanks and regards,

Syama Prasad Datta

Member Election Commission


August 7, 2017

Dear Electorates of GAABESU Election,

For convenience of electorates, election commission has decided to keep one ballot box (in addition to ballot box at GAABESU office) at a secured place under custody of election commission in B E College Ex-Students’ Club at CK-14 Salt Lake Kolkata – 700091 (near CK Market).

Any member who will receive his/her ballot through e-mail but will intend to drop the cast ballot in person may drop his cast ballot in the ballot box in B E College Ex-Students’ Club by signing the register mentioning his/her name and batch.

Ballot Box in B E Ex-Students’ Club will be available for dropping from evening of 07 August 2017 till 6.00PM on 18 August 2017. On other days ballot box in B E College Ex-Students’ Club will be accessible from 09:00AM to 08:00 PM.

Those who will drop ballot in person at B E College Ex-Students’ Club must not send cast ballot through e-mail or drop his ballot in ballot box in GAABESU Office.

Thanks and regards,

S P Datta

Member, Election Commission  

August 8, 2017

Dear Electorates of GAABESU Election,

Although arrangement for keeping Ballot Box was made for convenience of the members, some of the contesting candidates expressed serious concern in keeping ballot box for dropping cast ballot. They feel that fairness of the Election process would be seriously hampered if ballot boxes are kept for dropping cast ballots in person.

We would request all members receiving ballot by e-mail to return back scan/photo of the cast ballot to Election Commission mail as an attachment from his/her personal mail address registered with GAABESU.

Since Ballot Box in GAABESU office has been kept from 07 August 2017 it would be sealed at 6:00 PM today (08 August 2017). After that no facility of personal dropping of ballot will be available. 

Ballot Box has not yet been kept in B E College Ex-Students’ Club. Decision of keeping a Ballot Box there stands automatically withdrawn.

We appeal to all the members for a healthy spirit of free and fair election. Election process can definitely be free and fair if the electorates want to.

Syama Prasad Datta

Member Election Commission

On behalf of Election Commission 


August 10, 2017

Dear Electorates of GAABESU Election,

Election Commission has been getting many mails from Electorates expressing their inconvenience for closing ballot box at GAABESU office after keeping it open for two days. During the period the ballot box atGAABESU office was kept open some of the electorates dropped their ballot personally in the ballot box kept in GAABESU office as per direction given.

Since keeping a ballot box at GAABESU Office was as per initial announcement and intimation to electorates individually while sending ballots, the Election Commission reviewed the decision and decided unanimously to reopen the ballot box at GAABESU office with effect from 12:00 noon (IST) on 11 August 2017 to 06:00 PM (IST) on 18 August 2017 excepting Sunday and other holidays (i.e. GAABESU office shall remain closed on 13 August 2017 and 15 August 2017).

As already announced members dropping ballots in person shall mention their name, batch and sign on the register kept in the GAABESU office.

Since keeping ballot box in B E College Ex-Students’ Club at Salt Lake, as subsequently announced, was not there in the initial announcement, no ballot box has been kept in B E College Ex-Students’ Club at Salt Lake as already intimated. Inconvenience to some of the electorates for this is regretted.

Postal ballots from persons whom ballots were sent by post, are being kept in a secured manner.

Thanks and regards,

Syama Prasad Datta

Member Election Commission

On behalf of Election Commission   


August 12, 2017

Dear All,

Some of our mails sent to electorates bounced back. We have been able to resend in most cases.

We have not been able to get correct e-mail address of following members. It would be helpful if alumni knowing them, as their batch mate or otherwise, could request them to write to GAABESU to register their correct/ present e-mail address so that we can communicate with them from Election Commission after receiving their correct e-mail address from GAABESU.

Subir Kumar Basu – 1969 CE

Biplab Kumar Ganguly – 1965 CE

Pradip Sengupta – 1975 CE

Deb Kumar Majumdar – 1971 CE

Sanjit Sinha – 1993 MIN

Asim Sur – 1986 EE

Ashok Arya – 1976 CE

Susil Das – 1981 ME

Sushanta K Dutta – 1957 CE

Surya Nandi – 1986 CE

Sandip K Bhadra – 1979 CE

Sunil K Das – 1963 CE

Salil Haldar – 1989 ME

Chira P Roy – 1964 CE

Abhijit Bhaumik – 1983 EE

Amarendra K Samaddar Chaudhuri -1964  EE

Amit Palit- 1977  ME

Amitabha Ghosh 1979  EE

Anuj Biswas-1980 Mech. Engg

Anuj K Banerjee 1969 CE

Arnab Banerjee  1977 ETC

Arnab Sarkar 2009 CE

Arun Banerjee 1962 ME

Arun K  Niyogi 1965CE

Ashis K  Das 1979 ME

Ashok   Arya  1976   CE

Asim K  Bose 1975   ME

Asok K  Mookerjee 1964 CE

Avijit Saha 1981  EE

Basab Ghosh 1981 EE

Binay B Nag 1958 CE

Borun K  Basu 1961 MIN

Chanchal Das 1993 ME

Chandidas Sanyal 1967 CE

Chira P  Roy 1964 CE

ChitrabhanuRay 1980 ME

Deba Prasad Maitra 1954 Arch.

Debashis Ghosh 1976 EE

Debashis Mandal 2002 ETC

Debatosh  Datta 1981  CE

Dilip K Baidya  1987 CE

Diljit S Ahluwalia 1954 ME

Dipak Chatterjee 1958 MET

Dipak Majumdar  1963 ARCH

Dipak Chaudhuri  1967  ME

Dipyaman Chakraborty  1998 EE

Gan Mukhopadhyay 1963 CE

Gautam  Biswas 1979  ME

Girindra C Roy 1960 CE

Gourdas Roy 1967 Arch.

Jayanta K  Mitra1965 EE

Joydeep Roy 1985  ME

Kalyan K Basu 1966 CE

Manoj K Ghosh  1961 EE

Mantu  Dey 1968  EE

Matindra N Bagchi 1955 CE

Mrinmoy Ghosh Choudhury 1970 ME

Naba K  Chakrabarty 1976 Arch.

Narayan P Mukherjee 1967 ME

Naresh Murmu 1992 ME

Niladri   Chakraborty 2000 Mech.Engg.

Nirendra N Banerjee 1957 CE

Nirmal K  Maitra 1964 CE

Palash Biswas 1997  ETC

Partha Ganguly 1963 CE

Piyalee Das 2009 IT

Pranab  Sengupta 1979 ME

Ranjay  Roy 1959 EE

Sanjukta Jana 1997 CE

Santanu Chatterjee 1967 ME

Santanu Bagchi 983 ME

Santanu N Goswami 1983 ME

Sarat K  Sarkar 1972  EE

Sham     Ganguli 1968  Mech. Engg.

Siharan De 1966  EE

Sisir K Guha  1978 ME

Smritis C Pattanayak 1970 Mech.Engg.

Somendra K Majumder 1959 CE

Somnath Das 1983  ME

Soumyabrata Roychowdhury 1989  CE

Sovan Brata Chattopadhyay 2006 CE

Subhasis Sircar 1981 MET

Subrata Ray 1959 CE

Subrata  Mitra 1964  ME

Subroto A  Das 1988 CST

Sudhangsu S Chakrabarty 1957 CE

Sujay K Dutta 1975 MET

Sukanta Adhikary 1999 CE

Sukdeb Sarkar 1979 ME

Sumit Goswami 2000 ETC

Sunil K  Das1963 CE

Surjya   Nandi 1986 CE

Surya Nandi 1986 CE

Susanta Kumar Dutta 1957 CE

Swapan Baidya 1977 ETC

Tania     Pramanik 2005 ARCH

Tapan K Goutam1977 ETC

Taraprasad Basu 1962 CE

Tushar K Roy 1960 MET

Utpal K Roy  1957 EE

This may please be treated as very urgent considering last date of sending cast ballot is 18 August 2017 at 6.00PM

Thanks and regards,

Syama Prasad Datta

Member Election Commission


18/08/2017 18:45 Hrs.
The President GAABESU
CC. Honorary Secretary, GAABESU
Dear Sir,
The voting process has come to an end at 18:00 Hrs. today, 18.00 hrs. today, 18th  of August 2017. We are happy to declare the completion of the voting process, and no votes, received after the declared time, either physically or by e-mail, will be entertained.

The GAABESU constitution links the Election process intimately with the date of the Annual General Meeting (AGM), where the Election results will be declared formally by the Election Commission.

Election Commission directs that the Executive Committee (EC) should immediately declare the date, time and venue of the AGM and same should be cross checked with the Election Commission, to ascertain their convenience. Election Commission would prefer that the AGM be held on a Saturday afternoon with minimum further time lapse.

Election Commission wiil announce the date for counting, where candidates or their formally designated representative will be permitted to be present, only on receipt of confirmation from EC about the despatch of the notice for AGM.

Election Commission will not entertain any further communication on this subject, except for the formal communication on the date, venue and time of the AGM.

Chairman Election Commission

Member Election Commission

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