Emergency Fund appeal Nimai C Barari (ME/1998)

Dear all,

GAABESU Emergency Fund Raising Committee has decided to initiate a global fund raising drive to support Mr. Nimai Chandra Barai (ME/1998) for his Cancer Treatment.

He has been diagnosed with lymphoepithelial malignancy. In medical terms, it is ipleomorphic, poorly differentiated carcinoma arising from modified epithelium overlying lymphoid tissue of the nasopharynx.

Refer to the attached files for details for the case:


For online payment please visit the following link: 



For Abroad donation please see the details of the coordinator in USA:

Mr. Susobhan Ghosh
5413 Patric Henry,
Bellaire, Texas – 77401
Phone No. 281-389-0515
Email ID: moc.oohaynull@hsohgnwahs


Please get in touch with the following persons for the fund drive:

Partha Pratim Ray      +91 98363 09100      moc.liamgnull@livic79ahtrap
Sandeep Chatterjee   +91 9052441916        moc.liamgnull@eejrettahc.ydnas

Please send a note to GAABESU Office (moc.liamgnull@usebaag) with your transaction information, purpose of the transaction. Please include your full name, year and department for all communications to us. Fund update will be available weekly basis. 

For and on behalf of GAABESU Emergency Fund Sub-Committee

Mukulesh Debnath (1995/CE)
Joint Secretary, GAABESU

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