An Appeal to Help Dipak Ranjan Mandal, 1992 Batch EE in Medical Emergency

Dated 01.09.2017

An Appeal to Help Dipak Ranjan Mandal, 1992 Batch EE in Medical Emergency

Dear all,

GAABESU Emergency Fund Raising Committee has decided to initiate a global fund raising drive to support Mr. Dipak Ranjan Mandal, 1992/EE.

We received a Fund raising appeal from Mr. Ujjwal Kumar Mondal & Other friends of 1992 which is appended below:

Dear Sirs,

Our friend Dipak Ranjan Mandal, 1992 Batch EE from erstwhile B. E. College needs a kidney to be transplanted within 3 months.

He was diagnosed with renal failure in 1997, both kidney failure by 2000. One kidney transplanted in 2000. Now it is not working well. So the other needs to be transplanted as soon as possible. Approximate cost of this transplant, including the cost of kidney and post-operative treatment is approximately 17 lakhs INR.

Since he is jobless already, we request a financial support from / through GAABESU. Also in 2000, GAABESU helped Dipak to a considerable extent, many thanks for the same.

We are also enclosing the scanned details of Past diagnosis, past transplantation, present diagnosis and present Hospital estimate.

We hope to get a positive response from GAABESU.

With thanks and best regards,

Ujjwal Kumar Mondal & Other friends of 1992 batch

On behalf of

Dipak Ranjan Mandal

Refer to the attached PDFs for payment and other details for the case:

If you want to know the latest updates of this case please contact the following person:

Ujjwal Kumar Mondal (moc.liamgnull@1141ladnomlawjju)

For Abroad donation please see the details of the coordinators in USA:

Mr. Susobhan Ghosh

5413 Patric Henry,

Bellaire, Texas – 77401

Phone No. 281-389-0515

Email ID: moc.oohaynull@hsohgnwahs

Please send a note to GAABESU Office (moc.liamgnull@usebaag) with your transaction information, purpose of the transaction. Please include your full name, year and department for all communications to us.

For and on behalf of GAABESU Emergency Fund Sub-Committee

Mukulesh Debnath (1995/CE)

Joint Secretary, GAABESU

An appeal for Dipak R Mondal Medical Emergency Fund

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