20th April 2016

GAABESU Payment Systems

GAABESU Payment Systems

  • All eligible donations in Indian Rupees will receive tax exemption u/s 80G. 
  • Effective from 1st April, 2016, a donation of Rs. 10,000/- from a non-member Alumni residing in India will make him eligible to become Life Member of GAABESU.
  • Indian Tax Payers will receive tax exemptions for all donations (except membership and registration fees) under section 80G (5) (vi).

A. Payment by Cheque or Cash

Cheques in Indian Rupees can be drawn in favour of ‘GAABESU” and sent to the following address:

Honorary Secretary, GAABESU,
J.N. Dasgupta Hall, Ground Floor, University Guest House,
Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur
(formerly Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, B.E. College)
Howrah – 711 103, West Bengal, INDIA

Please write personal details of the remitter and the purpose for which the remittance is being made on the backside of the cheque.

Alternatively you can visit GAABESU office located at Ground Floor of University Guest House (near Bending Moment gate) between 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM from Monday to Saturday (except Holidays) and pay by Cash. You may like to call office before coming at +91 – 33 – 2668 7436 / 4564.

B. Online Bank Transfer

(I) Remittance from India (Other than Emergency Funds)

Other than Emergency Fund Drives for all other purpose following account can be used to receive funds in Indian Rupees:
A/c Number: 171010377147
Bank: United Bank of India
Branch: B E College Extension Counter
Address: B E College Campus, Sibpore; Howrah 711 103; INDIA
IFS Code: UTBI0BUSF63 (fifth letter stands for zero)

(II) Remittance from India (only for Emergency Funds)

An account with the following details has been created with the United Bank of India to receive Emergency fund in Rupee:
A/C Name: GAABESU Emergency Fund
A/c Number: 0171010395335
Bank: United Bank of India
Branch: B E College Extension Counter
Address: B E College Campus, Sibpore; Howrah 711 103; INDIA
IFS Code: UTBI0BUSF63 (fifth letter stands for zero)

(III) Remittance from all Countries other than India (for all purpose)

GAABESU has Foreign Currency Regulation Act (FCRA) registration (Registration No. is 147000232) to receive payment from abroad.

Any remittance to GAABESU in foreign currency can be made to the following designated account using bank wire transfer facility:
A/c Number:1532050000550
Bank: United Bankof India
Branch: BESUS Branch Address: B E College Campus, Shibpur; Howrah711 103; INDIA
IFS Code: UTBI0BUSF63 (fifth letter stands for zero)
Swift code for electronic transfer: UTBIINBBOBC

C. Online Payment using SBI Collect
(through direct debit from bank account, Debit/Credit Cards, or Cash for remittances made in Rupees)

GAABESU has streamlined Online Payment Collection System through the State Bank of India (SBI). Payments to GAABESU for any approved purpose can be made using ANY of the following modes:

  • Direct debit from any Indian bank account (account maintained in Rupee and NOT in any foreign currency)
  • Using and Indian Debit or Credit Card.
  • Cash deposit at any counter of SBI branch. The person making remittance needs to generate a challan through this portal and use that challan to deposit cash at any SBI branch.

Step by step process

  1. Go to www.onlinesbi.com
  2. Click on the tab ‘State Bank Collect’
  3. Accept terms and conditions and then click ‘Proceed’
  4. Select State of Corporate/Institution- ‘West Bengal’ from the drop-down list
  5. Select Type of Corporate/Institution- ‘Others’ from the drop down list
  6. Select ‘GAABESU’ from the drop down list. A page with GAABESU name and logo will appear.
  7. Select category- “Membership or Donation’
  8. Enter all personal information in the Form that would pop up. Then select the Purpose of Payment. You need to choose from Membership Subscription/Scholarship or Award/Emergency Fund/Alumni Day/ Others. If you choose ‘Others’ then mention the details of purpose on the box provided. Enter information texts into all the fields. Please avoid “,” or other special characters. For remittance by non-alumni put “NA” into the fields asking for year of passing, branch, degree etc.
  9. Enter the amount to be paid and then proceed.
  10. Review the information.
  11. Select the preferred payment options – direct bank debit/debit card/credit card/cash payment at SBI branch etc. A small service charge applies for each of the modes of payment.
  12. Make payments. Thank You.

NOTE: Please mention your personal details and purpose for which such remittance is being made while making the transfer and also inform the GAABESU office by e-mail or telephone.  To keep track of your generous donation, please notify moc.liamgnull@usebaag or call  +91 – 33 – 2668 7436 / 4564.