Biplab Roy(98 ETC) Needs Help

Contact Information Bappa (99 ME),UK,kumar.salui at Partha Chakrabarty, India, Partha.Chakrabarty at Debabrata Pal, Japan, debabrata.pal at, (2000 EE) Swapan Saha, 88 EE, USA, swapan_saha at Swapan Biswas, sanjoy.biswas at Somnath Sinha Ray, 87 ARCH, UAE Dipankar Gupta, 63 CE, Jamsedpur [Top] Funds & Medical Update on October 24 2004 Hope[…]

IEEE Distinguished Lecture Program

Prof Ajit K Chattopadhyay (EE58), Emeritus Professor , Electrical Engineering Department , BESU and Fellow IEEE visited Thailand ,China and Malaysia and  delivered the  following invited  tutorial lectures under the IEEE Distinguished Lecture Program on  Power Electronics-Past, Present and Future &  High Power High Performance Industrial AC Drives- A Technology Review as per the following[…]